Fine tuning already great organisations.

The VCOSS Governance Healthcheck assesses your organisation's governance (including board structures and policies) and financial structures (including financial oversight and controls), and suggests improvements.

All you have to do is answer a series of questions as an individual on behalf of your organisation or, as part of a group.

This is a free tool developed by VCOSS with the support of the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust.

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🕑 Approximately 30 minutes to complete

This module should be completed by the members of your board.

For best results, participants should complete the questionaire separately, allowing the tool to identify areas where respondants' answers varied.

You can also complete this module as a group, with one person entering all the responses.


🕑 Approximately 20 minutes to complete

This module will deliver the most accurate results if completed by all members of your board.

At a minimum, it can be completed by your Treasurer or Finance Manager.

For best results, board members will complete this check separately, allowing the tool to identify areas where respondants' answers have varied.