One of the most valuable assets of a community service organisation is its reputation. Adhering to good governance principles and practices will ensure that your organisation will be known as a good and worthwhile community services agency.

The Governance Healthcheck can help you assess the health and standards of your organisation’s governance. It’s a self-assessment tool which will enable you to determine those areas of your organisation where governance is strong and those areas where improvements need to be made.

By the end of the Healthcheck you will be able to tell if the governance of your organisation is healthy and up to standard or not…and whether you need additional help!

The Governance Healthcheck only provides a general indication of the health of your organisation’s governance. It is not an exhaustive list of all aspects of good governance nor is it an exhaustive audit.

The tool has been particularly designed for small and medium sized community service organisations, although larger agencies will also benefit from using the tool.

It’s recommended you run the Healthcheck annually to assess and monitor your progress.

Good Governance Healthcheck is an initiative of the Victorian Council of Social Service, made possible with support from the Helen Smith Macpherson Trust.

How it works

We have tried to make the Healthcheck as easy as possible.

Using the Governance Healthcheck is as simple as signing up, starting a questionnaire, and then viewing your results. You can complete a Governance check, Finance check, or both.

Using the ‘Invites’ feature is straight forward too; Simply sign up then invite the participants’ emails of your board you wish to complete the Healthcheck. Invites will receive an email with a unique link to complete the questions. When all your invites have completed the Healthcheck you get an amalgamated result to get a clearer picture of where improvement may be needed.